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Kilmarnock and Loudoun Amateur Radio Club were one of the first clubs in Ayrshire to offer comprehensive training for the new foundation radio licence.

Several courses have been run by authorised instructors resulting in members receiving their call sign. 

Pictured below are the 8 candidates along with the instructors on the final evening of a previous course.



To gain their foundation licences, each member had to successfully complete a course syllabus comprising of 6 instruction nights.

These nights were run by 6 qualified club members within the club premises at Hurlford Community Centre.
The instructors were: Barry Beggs, Stephen Campbell, Fred Dinning, Allan MacKay and Bill Strachan.

 The course consisted of theoretical training such as transmitters and receivers, feeders and antennas along with practical elements such as Morse code and radio operation. 

 On the final evening of the course each candidate had to undertake a multiple-choice exam covering all elements of the course work.