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Club History

Amateur radio operators in Ayrshire established an RSGB Group back in the early days of radio.  The Ayrshire RSGB Group eventually became the Ayrshire Amateur Radio Group and drew members from all over Ayrshire. At various times the group met in Ayr and in Kilmarnock.  When the ICI Nobel Explosives Ardeer Plant was operational near Stevenston there was a club based there called the Ardeer Amateur Radio Club (GM3USL). Today there are 2 main amateur radio clubs in Ayrshire - Ayr Amateur Radio Group (GM0AYR) and Kilmarnock and Loudoun Amateur Radio Club (GM0ADX).  

The Kilmarnock and Loudoun Amateur Radio Club was founded in the late summer of 1980. Three local old timers (John Hemphill GM3CTG, David Baird GM3OYH and Tom Greig GM3NZN) sent a letter out to all local licenced radio amateurs inviting them to a meeting to discuss the establishment of an amateur radio club for the Kilmarnock area. All three had been active radio amateurs for many years and felt that there could be interest in a club based in Kilmarnock.  The meeting was duly held in the YMCA and Kilmarnock and Loudoun Amateur Radio Club came into existence.  Sadly, all three of the original letter senders are now silent keys.

Since the founding of KLARC there have been several meeting venues including the YMCA, Glacier Metal Social Club, The Buchanan Centre, Glenfield and Kennedy Sports Pavilion, Broomhill Hotel and Hurlford Community Centre.
We currently have our own premises at the East Ayrshire Council Depot, 34 Main Street, Crookedholm. Here the club has a meeting room, workshop, radio shacks and other facilities.  The support of East Ayrshire Council is gratefully acknowledged.